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Atherosclerosis, as the name suggests, is a disease of arteries. It is becoming an increasing cause of heart attacks and other heart diseases globally. The strokes caused by it are potentially fatal if not treated in time. The plaque is built with age and sticks to the arterial walls. The plaque mainly consists of cholesterols, calcium and other cellular wastes. The plaques typically start collecting on the arterial walls in the early adolescence age. There are no significant symptoms of this dangerous disease till the patient has a stroke. When the symptom finally shows off it mostly becomes a medical emergency. The main reason for this is the fact that the plaques get broken into smaller pieces which eventually get stuck into the pathway of the blood flow. This cuts down the blood flow of the organ leading to numbness or complete damage of the respective organ. A study even says that in the US in year 2004, about 65% of men and around 47% of women had either died or experienced heart attack within hardly one hour of onset of symptoms.

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The main culprit of this grave disease is wrong living style. Junky food, no exercise, stressful lives and presence of some chronic diseases such as diabetics and blood pressure mainly cause this disease. Age and family history also plays an important role in the disease. Smoking also plays a crucial role in causing this disease.

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Signs & Symptoms

    * The patient may, all of a sudden, feel severe chest pain.
    * One also has strong chances of heart attack or stroke.
    * There may be numbness in any part of the body due to the cut down of the blood flow to that organ.
    * You may also feel tingling sensation in the portion of the body whose blood flow is cut down.
    * One may also suffer from coronary artery disease or angina.

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The best prevention is to amend your life style accordingly. You should cut down the intake of junky foods in your diet and instead add up more of green leafy vegetables. You must keep in control your diabetics and blood pressure. You must quit smoking at all cost. You should add up exercises and morning walk in your daily routine. This will keep your heart and other body parts healthy. You should also include routine checkups in the time table of your health. Make sure to take the medicines of your blood pressure and diabetics on time if your doctor has prescribed you one.

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Drug Therapy Modern Medicine

    * Symptoms such as Angina Pectoris can be treated easily.
    * Statins are the drug of choice for treating this disease.
    * Rosuvastatin is the latest drug launched in the market in the line of Statins.

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