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Is your heart safe with Stem cell new therapy?

Dr. Ankur
March 30, 2010

Before we move our head to the therapy lets first understand what these cells are and what are they about. A stem cell is the smallest unit of a living organism which renews and differentiates themselves into diverse forms to develop body tissues and organs. The stem cell therapy is based on the capacity of the stem cells to overhaul and also variegate giving a broader spectrum of cultured tissues, which can later be used to replace the damages without any chances of disallowance or rejection by the human body. However till date the most popular stem cell therapy application is the bone marrow transplant, used for treating Leukaemia (blood cancer) and other types of cancers. But with newer researches and studies its potent use has further seated its roots and utilisation in heart ailments too. According to the world health organisation (W.H.O.), a total of 17 million die of heart problems every year, hereby the adult stem cell therapy comes as a scientific bliss to rescue chronic cardiac sufferers looking for a healthy and less troublesome solution. The stem cell new therapy has guided ways to save precious lives suffering cardiomyopathy, coronary artery disease and congestive heart failure. These heart conditions not only restrict one from physical activities but also makes one undergo painful experiences with every time to keep a watch on diet, activities, medication and any unusual sign. Life is never at rest with constant worry for a complication.
Heart transplant is another stream of action but adopting it for every heart patient is not feasible with obvious restrictions of availability and financial backing, this is where the newer technique of stem cells comes to the picture. Moreover in some cases even the most effective drugs fail to relieve leaving one with no choice but to wait for the dreadful end but not anymore. Medical experts regard stem cell therapy as an efficient viable tool in case of drug failure and limited scope of heart transplants. It has been a proven fact that the introduction of patient’s own stem cells in case of infarcts and damaged tissue has lead ways to normal lives with efficient cardiac muscle functions and newer arteries development. Adding further is the latest school of thought; where the stem cell injections after the cardiac arrest work to support the remnant healthy and borderline tissues to combat devastating consequences aiding a healthy near normal lifestyle. Apart of the established facts till now investigations are going on high to make the most of it and also apply the stem cell therapy to aid other body disorders as well.
So, does a patient who had suppressed all his desires to athletic activities finally have an answer with safe stem cell new therapy? The word is yes, now with medical experts working hard there is a solution to all hearty affairs. All those who wanted to live their lives to the fullest but had no definite clue with heart deficiency and age can well combat with this innate tactic.  

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