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Effective Heart Care Tips

Dr. Ankur
March 16, 2011

Heart disease is a broad term, which describes all ailments and diseases affecting the pumping organ and related blood vessels. The heart diseases may include coronary disease, arrhythmias, and several congenital heart problems. The study conducted on cardiovascular diseases indicates that a majority of people die due to narrowing of the blood vessels with excess plaque deposits as in high cholesterol levels. A healthy heart surely enhances the life expectancy and on the other hand, an unhealthy one can lead to fatal aftermaths. Therefore, one should be vigilant and active regarding taking care of their heart by applying effective homely heart care tips.


The first thing that one should consider is a diet chart and schedule. One should avoid junk food, Trans - fat food and late heavy dinners. Whereas, one must incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, cereals in the diet chart to meet every need with harmful ingredient to add on. A low-fat, high fiber and lesser bad cholesterol food is recommended to maintain healthy heart. Omega - 3 is known for its property to benefit the heart so, you can include items such as fish and salmon in your diet chart for the good cholesterol. Garlic, a well established name in the heart care field is a must and should be supplemented in the diet chart tremendously.


Being active is the key. Maintain weight within the athletic range and if obese try lose weight, engage in mild exercise and stay active throughout the day to prevent any kind of heart problem. You can take a light morning and evening walks in routine and include few moderate exercises to keep the blood circulation proper. Exercise is the best heart care tip to keep the heart healthy and safe. Other forms of exercising like cycling, jogging, swimming, aerobics too can be sorted as per one’s health allows. A physician must be brainstormed before beginning any exercise schedule especially those who report joint issues, heart problems or respiratory difficulties.  

Lead a healthy life style

The term above is a combination applied on regular basis to fetch the desired. Lifestyle includes the way you spend your whole day from eating to sleeping.  One must keep herself / himself away from any bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. Besides this, also keep the hypertension and diabetes in control. Meditation is one good way to keep odds distant. Moreover, as mentioned earlier too prevent obesity to keep the heart healthy.

One needs to have an 8 hour sound sleep at night without any stress or physical disturbance in the surroundings. Mental stress can be one of the most dangerous causes of heart disease so; try to keep them off. These may begin light and form a perfect precursor for heart ailments. Keep your blood pressure normal and avoid it to reach the maximum level. These changes could be very effective as heart care tips depending on your implications.

Balance your Cholesterol level

You need to control your cholesterol level. Exercise will help you to enhance HDL (Good Cholesterol) and avoid Trans - fat to reduce LDL (Bad Cholesterol).

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